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Six-Points-to-Four-Quads speeds up the "patch end caps"-process of William Vaughan’s workflow “Modelling text with SubD’s”.

In order to avoid the creation of tiny quads and to create a cleaner polygon flow, William Vaughan suggested a four poly configuration to patch end caps.

Instead of creating this configuration for almost each letter of your text by hand, you can speed up this task by utilizing Six-Points-to-Four-Quads.

Simply select (a multiple of) six points and run the plugin to achieve a four quad configuration for each set of six points.

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  • Minimum effort
    • Create multiple four-quad-configurations at once by selecting a multiple of six points.
    • Ignore the typical selection order by choosing the plugin's Smart algorithm.
  • High adaptability
    In order to best fit into your personal workflow, the plugin lets you
    • turn off disturbing dialogs
    • define whether Modeler should switch to point or polygon selection mode afterwards
    • choose whether and which polygons and/or points should be selected afterwards
  • Well documented
    • A usage dialog is shown when you run the plugin without meeting the required "multiple of six points" selection criteria.
    • The plugin comes complete with an English PDF-based manual.
    • It features a comprehensive logger to help you find errors that occurred during the modeling process.


  • Notes
    Six-Points-to-Four-Quads is:
    • a compiled LScript only available for registered versions (Win & Mac) of NewTek's LightWave Modeler.
    • protected via a serial number that is tied to the Dongle ID of your LightWave version.
    • licensed under this License Agreement (HTML, PDF).
  • Minimum System Specifications:
    • Operating System: Microsoft Windows or Mac
    • Registered version of NewTek's LightWave 9.6 or higher
  • Installation Requirements
    • Storage: 1MB
  • Pricing
    The "Get your license" price tag features the net price - excluding VAT - in € or $US. Both, currency and gross price (including VAT) will be determined on basis of your address during the purchase process. The final buyer price will be shown before checkout.
  • Support
    Support is only available in English via e-mail.
  • Video
    A 6 minute video showing the Six-Points-to-Four-Quads plugin in action is now online.